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Adirondack Regional Theatre

At Adirondack Regional Theatre, a mosaic of talents comes together, with people from different backgrounds and age groups uniting in their shared commitment to delivering top-notch theatrical performances.

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Since its beginnings in 2000, ART has been a staple of North Country summers, performing outdoors in downtown Plattsburgh at the Lions Club Band Shell, on the banks of the Saranac River at the foot of MacDonough Monument, Clinton Community College, The Strand, and more.

It is estimated that ART has performed for over 125,000 North Country residents of all-ages throughout the years.

We encourage and invite new members of all ages and backgrounds to join our company. We offer workshops to learn all aspects of theatre from performing to directing - previous experience not required!


Corporate sponsors, advertisers, and donations from the audience have funded all ART productions.


Board of Directors


Jim Calnon

Member At Large

Karen Dispo-De Boos

Member At Large

Jerrod Olsen

Member At Large

Diane Dispo-Klein

Vice President

Michael Coughlin

Member At Large

Andrew Castine

Member At Large

Jamie Roberts

Treasurer & Executive Director

Tom Lavin

Member At Large

Gabrielle Dion

Member At Large

Sara King


LeAnn Yelton

Member At Large

Sara Munson

Member At Large

Denise Coughlin

Focus on Excellence

Grants & 


American Association of Community Theatre
  • NY Statewide Community Regrant Program

    • 2003

    • 2002

    • 2001

  • NY D.E.C. grants

    • various from 2003-2000

actress Sara King smiling at the camera

Sara King

Mezzo Soprano, Actor

"Entering the realm of musical theater with ART was a turning point for me. Coming from a classical opera background, I auditioned with a bit of uncertainty, but ART turned out to be the perfect learning ground. The supportive community helped me easily transition, and I ended up falling in love with musical theater, discovering new dimensions to my performance. Grateful for the invaluable lessons, I not only succeeded in my audition but grew significantly as a performer. ART ignited my passion for storytelling through song and dance, making this journey unforgettable."

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